Around the Big Island August 29, 2015
Hurricanes, Hawaii late August

From left, hurricanes Kilo, (the Hawaiian archipelago is gray), Ignacio, and Jimena

Hurricanes passing by the Big Island have made for an unusually humid summer.

Compared to the mainland, summer in Hawaii starts early and ends late. Of course we go to the beach year ’round in the islands, but a few weeks ago I started hearing locals complain that the water is too warm. Super warm water at the beach usually happens at the end of September and the beginning of October.  In early autumn the ocean can feel like a bathtub.  When the air temperature has cooled off the high summer peak, it can feel nice to splash about in too-warm ocean water.  But during the tropical Pacific’s dog days of August, refreshing is what we want.

West Hawaii temperatures have been higher than normal and humidity has been off the charts.  A Honolulu meteorologist talked about our numerous hurricanes.  He said at least one day last week the humidity in Hawaii was as high as it could go.  Yes, I thought as I listened, sweat dripping, this is definitely water I am breathing.

This NOAA hurricane photo dated today sums up our Big Island summer.  One hurricane after another has tracked south and pushed equatorial ocean and air temps, and very high humidity our way.  I live at 3,000 feet elevation and I’ve had a fan blowing on me all night since June.  That has never happened at my house.  The el niño brewing in the central eastern Pacific has ocean temperatures up considerably.  Word has it 85F degree water temperatures (!) are what’s fueling our summer stream of big storms.

Hawaii’s hurricane season runs June through November, especially June through September.  If you are planning to visit the Big Island soon, pack like you are going to Panama.  Bring a spritz water bottle or plan to live in the pool. Here’s hoping your ice maker works great and your bedroom is air conditioned!


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