Kohala Ranch

A gated community of more than 3500 acres, Kohala Ranch is equestrian themed with three distinct neighborhoods: the Heathers, the Meadows, and the Summit. The lower gate is located near sea level on the Akoni Pule Highway, a few miles north of Kawaihae Harbor. The upper gate, at about 3,000 feet elevation is accessed from the Kohala Mountain Road, between Hawi and Waimea (Kamuela). From the cool misty Summit, down to the dry, sun baked Heathers, Kohala Ranch offers three striking micro climates to call home.

Almost every home site has some kind of oversized view. There are panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean to the west; views of the volcanic and frequently snow capped giants Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea mountains to the south, and the old Kohala rolling mountains to the northeast, dotted with grazing cattle.

Cattle are a big part of Kohala Ranch. The three neighborhoods are three separate sections linked together by Kohala Ranch Road. Between the neighborhoods, and all around them, free range cattle graze. Home owners build beautiful white equestrian fences around the landscaped section of their property not to keep things in, but to keep the cattle out.

Home lots vary in size from under one acre to ten acres, depending on neighborhood. Underground utilities and viewshed protection rules preserve vistas, views and open space. Strict design guidelines ensure the community maintains its upscale appeal. The Kohala Ranch Community Association Board governs the community. Common areas, security gates, and community roads are maintained by the Association.