Around the Big Island September 4, 2015

Though West Hawaii weather has greened the hills, end to the drought is tenuous.


There’s no doubt about it, recent Hawaii weather has been wild.  Since the hurricanes started marching by and around Hawaii this summer, our relatively cool, trade wind days have been banished.  While conditions have definitely improved over the past few days, the last month especially has been a bit of a trial for West Hawaii.  A major Kawaihae wildfire got into the fray, preceding this Kawaihae flash flood (above) early last month.

While we wait for the next potential hurricane trying to come our way, we wonder if our years long drought may finally be coming to a close.  Unfortunately, the brewing super El Niño may prevent an end to the drought.  According to local forecaster David Miskus who was speaking about the drought, “El Niño events typically bring dryness during the winter and spring.”

To catch up, here’s West Hawaii Today’s summary of the last several weeks.  What can we expect next week for West Hawaii weather?  It’s hard to tell, but there’s no longer a need to pack for Panama if you are coming to Hawaii.  Whatever happens, there’s always the pool!  Hawaii weather

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